The Modernist Movement: Redefining Design and Affordable Housing

Joy Luedtke, a respected figure in affordable housing and the CEO and Founder of First Wave Development, shared her insights at Modernism Week 2024 in Palm Springs on February 18th.

First Wave Development is addressing the critical challenge of affordable housing in our nation, which is of utmost importance. The contemporary landscape we inhabit has been significantly molded by the influential movement of Modernism. This radical design ideology surfaced in the 20th Century and dared to question conventional norms. 

Modernism, rooted in principles of rationality, simplicity, and the genuine portrayal of building materials, has left an indelible mark on our built environment. Architects embracing Modernism dedicated their efforts to addressing pressing issues, notably affordable housing during the inter-war period.

Listen to Joy's lecture on how modernism and affordable housing are interrelated and First Wave Development's efforts to house and uplift.

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