About First Wave Development

To House and Uplift: A Unique Team Tackling a Complicated Issue

At First Wave, we are at the forefront of redefining housing norms, offering a compelling alternative to the conventional approach. Founded by visionaries Joy Luedtke, Mike Taylor, and Andrew Pedrick, our mission is rooted in championing sustainability, affordability, and innovative housing solutions.

First Wave Development introduces a groundbreaking alternative in response to the prevailing norm of flimsy, high-maintenance mobile homes that often waste energy. Our modular housing units are meticulously designed to combat these challenges, prioritizing durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. Gone are the days of cramped sites; our approach fosters a caring, respectful, and healthful environment.

Place-making is a central tenet of our philosophy, beginning with the thoughtful design of our modular units and extending to the entire site's layout. We consider aspects such as vehicle flow, parking, walkable land, and the creation of inviting communal spaces. The well-being and safety of all residents, from adults to children, are paramount in every decision we make.

Our modular housing solutions are tailor-made for the "Missing Middle" — individuals whose salaries limit their ability to purchase traditional homes. We recognize the constraints they face, often left with the option of low-cost alternatives like mobile homes or rental apartments. First Wave Development is a beacon of change, offering a comprehensive solution that combines affordability, sustainability, and innovative design, which is why "to house and uplift" is our mantra.

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, with strategic locations in Arizona and Southern California, First Wave has cultivated enduring relationships within vital markets, earning the trust of influential decision-makers. Our commitment to improving housing is not just a mission; it's a pledge to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and affordable future.

Explore our modular housing services and join us in reshaping the housing landscape, one innovative solution at a time.

About First Wave Development