DIRRT Residential Interiors

At DIRTT, they have a saying, “Built environments shouldn’t be static,” and the team at First Wave agrees. That is why, together, these teams have developed a flagship partnership for residential interiors. 

DIRTT builds dynamic interior office spaces that adapt and evolve in response to changing needs. Since 2004, DIRTT has been a global leader in the industrialized construction sector for interior commercial spaces; with First Wave, they are now taking this expertise to the next level and expanding into the residential sector. 

Both teams have a relentless passion for spaces that empower people. Together, they are designing custom home interiors to address the needs of the Missing Middle, focused on driving change in an evolving industry. 

Empowering Better Builds and Better Budgets with DIRTT

DIRRT Residential Interiors


DIRTT empowers faster decision-making by speeding up construction timelines by as much as 30%. Rapid manufacturing and efficient installation allow First Wave to execute and deliver homes at the scale required to address the housing deficit in California and beyond. 

On Budget

DIRTT’s unique manufacturing technology gives accurate pricing to the penny. First Wave relies on this to provide accurate details to its investors and clientele. 

On Target

Tailored dimensions, configurations, and finishes are precision-built to 1/16 of an inch, so each  DIRTT solution arrives precisely as expected. 

Built to Green Standards with DIRRT

Built to LEED and WELL Standards with DIRTT

DIRTT supports LEED and WELL building standards by minimizing the environmental impact of interior construction through careful material selection, efficient operations, and a system designed for future adaptability and long product life cycles. 

First Wave has partnered with DIRTT in conjunction with WELL Residential to ensure each home is built safe, clean, and strong for generations to come.

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