MSI panels

What truly sets First Wave apart is its pioneering leadership and unmatched competitive edge, achieved through the seamless incorporation of state-of-the-art technology in walls, roofs, and floors, exclusively employing Magnesium Structural Insulated Panels (MSIPS) - a testament to our unparalleled commitment to innovation and excellence

These panels form low energy consumption, high fire resistance, sound absorption, and livable spaces. They allow for open, high-ceiling, and light-filled rooms. They connect with tight seals and stable structures. MSIPS are lightweight and easy to assemble by crews that typically have lower project labor costs, which is critical in this tight labor market nationwide. 

The modularity of these MSIPS panels supports other modular materials and finishes. They integrate a unique chassis/floor frame with a demountable transport hitch. MSIPS panels are essential to the roadworthiness of finished units. 

MSIPS passes stringent non-combustibility, flame spread, surface burn, thermal conductivity, mold & mildew, fungus, and water vapor testing. They also meet ASTM and ICC strength testing for load resistance of building materials and assemblies. They comply with the International Building Code, National Building Code of Canada, NFPA, NFC-Canada, IFC, and USGBC-LEED criteria. 

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