DIRTT interiors

DIRTT offers precision-manufactured casework with the predictable lead times for which DIRTT is known. Maximize your space with parametric designs that deliver cabinets and storage precisely sized to fit your space. The large-scale manufacturing ensures consistency over time and across your projects. And DIRTT casework arrives assembled, reducing installation time on-site. 

Versatility and Adaptability

DIRTT Casework presents a highly versatile solution ideal for various applications across many sectors, including the workplace, healthcare, and education. This innovative casework system allows for the seamless creation of lockers, credenzas, base and upper cabinets, open shelving, and tall storage, offering unparalleled flexibility in design. 

Its adaptability shines through with the options to select from free-standing or wall-mounted designs, with the added benefit of integration directly into DIRTT Walls. Crafted with a durable substrate and furnished with top-of-the-line pulls, hinges, and slide options, the casework ensures long-lasting quality and performance. Notably, the unique toe-kick design with built-in adjustability enhances the aesthetic appeal and significantly reduces installation time, delivering an efficient and streamlined solution for any space.


Emphasizing the value of customization, DIRTT materials offer a range of tailored solutions to elevate any space. Experience the seamless functionality of soft-close doors and drawers, ensuring a smooth and silent user experience. Alternatively, achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic with touch-open doors and drawers, allowing for uninterrupted, clean lines in your design. Elevate the ambiance and functionality of your space with the integration of customizable LED lighting, providing both a vibrant atmosphere and practical illumination. 

Addressing accessibility concerns, DIRTT presents ADA-compliant sink skirts, facilitating enhanced user convenience. Furthermore, the selection of bow, rod, or tab-style pulls in various sizes allows for a personalized touch, accommodating diverse design preferences and requirements.

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