First Wave provides a new and deeply needed alternative to flimsy, high maintenance, high energy-wasting mobile homes packed on tight sites that have been the norm for far too long. Instead, the First Wave units and site planning promote a caring, respectful, and healthful environment. Place-making begins with the units themselves and includes a considerate layout of units and open space, vehicle flow and parking, walkable land, and inviting a sense of community. The wellness and safety of residents and guests, adults and children, are all equally important. 

Our modular product is housing made for the “Missing Middle,” whose salaries limit their ability to purchase private homes. Instead, they allow only low-cost housing alternatives such as mobile homes or rental apartments.

As a Project 

First Wave consists of small homes with efficient, open layouts, high ceilings, light and airy rooms, comfortable and durable finishes, and lasting, safe structures. Sited in ways that create place, these homes balance individual and community interests. 

As a Solution 

First Wave offers scalable, repeatable, transportable housing designed and built to meet local, state, and national codes and regulations for manufactured mobile homes. 

As a Housing Type 

First Wave comprises pre-fabricated components that allow flexible plans and sizes to be placed temporarily (mobile) or permanently on foundations. Initial and ongoing costs, maintenance, and energy usage are kept low by efficient design, simple, durable, high-insulating materials and systems, and “just-right” sizing.

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