What We Do

We are a leading housing and supply provider, leveraging our strong relationships, innovative construction materials, and expertise in architecture and design to create sustainable and affordable housing solutions for the diverse needs of the 'Missing Middle' and the “Work Force Housing” segments. 

Affordable housing, Alternative housing options

We exist to empower and uplift individuals, communities, and the workforce by constructing homes for all, including the ‘Missing Middle’ and those needing workforce housing. We will use disruptive construction practices with ZS2 materials that prioritize sustainability, safety, and well-being.

Our purpose is to challenge the idea that sustainable and affordable cannot co-exist. We are dedicated to creating resilient housing options that mitigate our carbon footprint while fostering a thriving environment for all stakeholders.

Modular Housing Homes Prefab Housing Homes

Modular Housing Homes Prefab Housing Homes,
Affordable housing, Alternative housing options, Tiny home alternatives

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