First Wave Development will Revolutionize the Residential Housing Market

First Wave Development is poised to lead the industry in sustainable and affordable housing, addressing head-on construction, environmental, and societal challenges. 

Experts estimate that by 2030, the global volume of construction output will grow by 85%. Traditional construction methods face extended timelines, skilled labor shortages, and budget constraints while amassing a significant environmental footprint.

Concurrently, the lack of affordable housing and the growth of homelessness continue to increase nationwide, significantly higher in certain states such as California and Arizona.

As a leading housing and supply provider, First Wave Development is utilizing innovative construction materials and leveraging its expertise in architecture and design to create sustainable and affordable housing solutions that address current issues and meet the needs of the “Missing Middle” and the “WorkForce Housing” segments.

"The critical challenge of affordable housing in our nation is paramount to our future. My vision for First Wave is creating uniquely designed, affordable, and sustainable solutions for the missing middle", said Joy Luedtke, Founder and CEO. "I am honored to embark on this crucial initiative with a core team of dedicated individuals and their decades of expertise."

The core team of First Wave Development includes Joy Luedtke, Founder and CEO; Mike Taylor, COO and Co-Founder of First Wave Development; and Andrew Pedrick, CEO of McTigue Architects.

The team operates from headquarters in Boise, Idaho, and is supplemented by strategic locations in Arizona and Southern California. Due to their expertise and longevity in the construction, development, architecture, and design sectors, the team members' established networks have already garnered significant community, industry, and local government backing, even with the products being pre-launch. 

First Wave Development’s housing solutions will launch officially at Modernism Week in Palm Springs on February 16-19, 2024.

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